Sexual Health Expert Warns of Tinder HIV Risk

Happines paradox

Dr Peter Greenhouse, a UK-based sexual health consultant, has warned that dating apps may be linked to a rise in cases of HIV.

Speaking to The Daily Star, he said: “Dating apps increase how quickly people can change from one partner to the next or have concurrent relationships.”

“It’s much easier to do that with the likes of Tinder – compared to before where you’d have to meet people face-to-face or on Facebook etc.”

59% of new HIV cases are reportedly from heterosexual transmission, a finding which can be attributed in part to the acceptability of heterosexual anal sex. The influence of pornography is a noted factor in driving this acceptability.

On Tinder, Dr Greenhouse added: “The app takes the initial embarrassment away and means [singles] are far more likely to start new relationships.

“There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with that but [Tinder users] are changing partners more frequently which means by definition there will be more infections.”

Some dating apps, particularly those in the LGBTQ space, have taken steps to promote sexual health this year. Grindr has introduced an HIV test locator in India, for example.

Canadian research from mid-2018 showed that a risk of infection can impact how enthusiastic singles are about dating, however. Daters who were shown a video designed to activate their “behavioural immune system” were less ready to connect with others.

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