S’More Announces MGM Partnership To Launch ‘Fate’ Rom-Com

S’More has announced a partnership with MGM’s new production house American International Picture to help launch About Fate, a new romantic comedy starring Emma Roberts, Thomas Mann, and Cheryl Hines. The movie made its premiere on Amazon Prime on Friday 9th September.

S’More is partnering with the film studio and TikTok influencer Cassidy Davis to host a screening pre-release event at Neuhouse in LA. Guests from S’More Live, S’More’s celebrity dating show, will also appear at the event. These will include: Carmit Bachar, Nash Overstreet, Gabrielle Moses, Omar Sharif Jr, Makayla Phillips and more.

S’More users are able to get a sneak peek of the film by downloading the app and going onto the Entertainment Video section of the app.

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