Snapchat Launches New AR Art Experiences to Encourage Cultural Engagement

Snapchat has launched a new digital art series, in partnership with The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), which will see three new AR monuments made available to users in the app.

Snapchat said: “Paying tribute to the changing landscapes and histories of Los Angeles, LA based artists and Snap AR creators have collaborated to design Lenses that elevate perspectives from across the region using Snap’s AR technology. All three works can be found at locations around LA, as well seen by looking through the Snapchat Camera.”

The AR artworks, viewable through the Snap Camera, include new digital installations by Judy Baca, Sandra de la Loza and Kang Seung Lee. Snap users can examine the pieces, which are locked to physical locations, in place as intended, while users not able to travel to the installations themselves are able to scan the Snapcodes at and re-create a similar experience where they are.

It’s the latest in Snap’s ongoing effort to create new forms of artistic expression through digital mediums, with Snap also working with renowned modern artists like Jeffrey KoonsDamien HirstKAWS and more on various similar AR art activations.

It’s a good way to help encourage engagement with art, through a whole new process, which could also encourage more creatives and designers to experiment with Snap’s tools, and seek new ways to connect with audiences with their work.

It also provides more creative options within Snap, and adds more reason for people to use Snapchat to experience these projects.

Eventually, that could become a new modern art movement – and as more artists experiment with more digital approaches, it seems inevitable that we’ll eventually see entire new forms of art display and presentation via these apps.

Which is even more significant when you consider the coming Metaverse shift, and where human interaction is theoretically headed. In this sense, Snap’s leading the way, by formulating new partnerships and opportunities for artists, and facilitating broader connection for fans in virtual environments.

One day soon, a trip to the art gallery might necessitate the use of a VR headset, and experiences like this will play a key role in broader art engagement.

Luke Smith

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