Sober: The Hub for Sober Dating and Friendships

Michael and Gem are a UK-based couple who have been living alcohol-free for the past 4 years. Together, they’re building Sober – a dating and friendship platform for the sober and sober curious community.

Global Dating Insights spoke with Michael and Gem to hear their story and find out more about the Sober platform. This is what they had to say:

“Hi there! We’re Michael and Gem, a couple who stumbled upon each other about a year ago when Michael was looking for a room to rent. As we chatted, we discovered that we were both sober. Michael didn’t end up renting the room, but we did go out for coffee together, and we’ve been together ever since.”

“Since then we’ve come to value each other’s sobriety. It makes our lives a little bit easier. We’ve also talked to a lot of our friends who are either sober, sober-curious or more health-focused. It’s these people that we want to be able to connect with each other.”

“That’s how we came up with the idea for “Sober”. A 100% free dating app for the sober, sober-curious, and health-focused community. Michael, a Software Engineer, has been working on building the app in his spare time, while I’ve been handling everything else.”

“We’ve asked our community about the challenges they face in dating, both in real life and online. We’re using this feedback to shape and improve our app. Our goal is to help connect people with similar values and aspirations for a healthy, alcohol-free lifestyle. Allowing them to find a meaningful connection. Then delete our app.”

A few things of note:

  • Sober is 100% free to use.
  • We manually vet every member to ensure a safe and secure experience for all users. 
  • Our matching algorithm limits the number of daily matches. With a focus on encouraging our users to meet in real life.

“While we’re initially launching in London, we’re happy to have people sign up from anywhere.”

“We’re currently working on building the app and are aiming to launch it by July 1st, 2023.”

You can sign up for the app here:

“We’d love to hear your feedback and ideas. As well as your personal experiences navigating the world of sober dating. You can contact us on Together, we’re trying to build a great way for people in our community to connect.”