Sponsored Content: UK Residents Take Comfort in the Dating Websites During the Lockdown

The following article is a sponsored post written by the team at 4SD.com.

The coronavirus pandemic has taken the people off the streets and into the dating websites.  The number of ladies joining the online dating world has grown with 30% in the last week,  while the number of men has grown with 20%, only a week after the lockdown, according to a  UK dating website.

During these hard times of insecurity, more and more UK residents are looking for a way to  relax, unwind and forget about this international crisis, at least for a short while, by accessing  dating websites. 

The financial insecurities and the worries regarding what the next day will bring, has led young  students to take interest into the Sugar Dating world.  

We, at 4sd.com, have seen an exponential increase in the number of female college students’ signups on our website, since the announcement made by our prime minister, Boris Johnson,  regarding the full lockdown of UK. 30% of all the female profiles on our website have been  created during this last week, especially because of the financial uncertainties that this entire  situation brings in their lives”, according to a 4SD representative, a well-known dating website  in UK. 

“You should not be meeting friends, you should not be meeting family members who don’t live  in your home, you should not be shopping except for essentials.” This is the statement that put  the entire UK into lockdown and made everyone rethink their lives, their future and their  financial stability. 

As a result, three times more brits have decided to create an account on 4SD dating website,  since the lockdown began, a week ago. We are talking about 30% of the total female users,  becoming active in the last week, and 20% of the total male users of the website.  

I’ve decided to join the Sugar Dating world and become a Sugar Baby after I’ve talked with  some of my college friends that are already in this business. They told me all about the benefits  of this type of dating and, as I was struggling with my tuition, I’ve decided to give it a try. I’m  already talking with some potential Sugar Daddies and now I’ll just have to see how things will  develop further”, said one of the newest Sugar Babies on 4sd.com. 

The top 3 UK cities with the highest number of Sugar Babies 

London, Manchester and Birmingham are the top three, leading UK cities, with most Sugar  Babies, followed by Glasgow and Liverpool.

85% of our latest Sugar Babies on our website are young students, age 18 – 25, that are  looking for financial stability in the arms of a Sugar Daddy. The profile of the 4SD Sugar Baby is:  young, curvy, blonde hair, blue eyes, college graduates”, said the 4SD representative. 

Another interesting trend spotted by the dating websites, is that the ladies, being unable to  meet face to face with their Sugar Daddies, have found new ways of keeping their dates  interested, and make some money in the meantime. We’re talking about selling sensual photos,  or even creating personalized photo sessions for their dates, and creating and selling enticing  videos on their pages.  

20-year-old ladies attracted by the online dating world 

43% of the Sugar Babies on 4SD are in the 20-29 age group, followed by 41% from the <20 age  group. 10% are into 30-39 age group, while only 3.5% are between 40 to 49. 

In the same time over 40% of Sugar Daddies are in the 30-39 age group. 

What’s a Sugar Baby? 

A Sugar Baby is a lady that offers her companionship to gentlemen that have the means to  support her lifestyle. Being a Sugar Baby is a lifestyle, a form of dating in which one partner  financially supports the other, often in the form of cash or gifts. Some ladies ask for their  companionship a cash allowance, or shopping sprees covered by the Sugar Daddy, they want to  travel with all expenses paid or even to have their studies covered by their beneficiary.  

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