Supto Takes Cues From Anonymous Platforms Like Reddit & Craigslist For New Approach To Adult Dating
A new adult site called is taking inspiration from the success of anonymous sites like Reddit to try and connect adult singles in a new way.

With the recent hacks of sites like Ashley Madison, Fling and AdultFriendFinder, there is a growing mistrust in the security of dating sites, particularly those on the adult end of the spectrum.

Taking on these concerns, the founder behind London-based came up with a new approach to adult dating, taking inspiration from non-dating platforms which, because of their anonymity, have fostered adult communities online.

Speaking about the idea, the founder of Supto said: “Dating sites consist predominantly of profiles showcasing as much personal information as possible. “Matches” happen based on mutual liking of those profiles.

“However when we talk about adult dating, it is inherently a discreet matter, few people want to share personal information upfront. When you do require this data from your users, it will mostly result in fake and empty profiles.

“For the solution to this problem we looked at places on the internet where people do have real sexual interactions and conversations. It’s not on adult dating sites, but rather scattered on communities across the web.

“A few examples of these communities are Reddit, Craigslist, Omegle, 4chan and Topix. People go there not because it’s the best option, but simply because it’s a better option than most adult dating sites.”

So taking inspiration from sites like Reddit and Craigslist, has created an anonymous platform designed to help users feel more confident and comfortable in stating what they are really looking for.


How does work?

Rather than asking users to create a profile based on personal information, the site simply asks singles to send out an anonymous request, stating what it is they are looking for in a partner.

Users will then be able to see each request and respond to the ones that interest them most.

The requests are shown on a feed, with those sent by people who are currently online appearing first, and the requests of offline members appearing after, to try and encourage instant conversation.

Asked why they opted for this request-based system, Supto’s founder said: “Profiles are something that adult dating sites have blatantly copied from mainstream dating sites without giving it much thought.

“But finding a complementary sex partner is a completely different experience that can be highly specific. I think requests work much better for adult dating, as they embrace anonymity and allow the user to selectively share exactly what he or she is looking for.”

All requests and comments are anonymous and users can only message and interact with a request, not privately with another user in a separate messaging space.

Users can also add any text or photos to their request – which are allowed to be explicit – and its founder said they are working on adding sound and video to requests.

Asked why he thinks people will respond to this type of dating, Supto’s founder said: “Foremost it’s free, that’s something pretty much unseen in adult dating, there is no upfront cost to have a good adult dating experience, and if you choose to subscribe, the price points are comparable to that of mainstream dating apps such as Tinder and OkCupid, which is several times cheaper than your average adult dating site.

“Second of all it’s anonymous and third we cater to both local hookups and sexting. There is an increasing number of people who prefer to keep their sex activities online, and a surprisingly low amount of adult dating sites that specifically enable them to do so.”

The platform currently has over 51,000 users, who have sent over 427,000 messages on the site, with 80% of traffic coming from mobile.

Over the next few months, the company’s plan is to improve on the product until it is indistinguishable from a native mobile app.

There are also plans to roll out a subscription model with added benefits, and introduce advertising for free users, but still keeping the pricing “noticably cheaper” than competing sites.

Check out Supto here.