Survey: Over Half of Young Singaporeans Have Ghosted Someone

Bumble spoke with over 1,000 Singaporean Gen Z and Millenials to reveal their experiences with ghosting. It found that 57% of respondents have ghosted someone in the past.

56% of ghosters said the reason was a lack of connection, while 43% of it was due to being busy, and 37% said it was to avoid the awkwardness of ending the relationship. It found that millennials tend to think ghosting is normal when compared to Gen Z.

Despite possible justifications, 65% of all respondents think it’s not right to ghost when ending a relationship, Coconuts Singapore reported.

When it comes to being ghosted, 61% of respondents said they have been ghosted before, with 73% of that group saying it came after just a few text exchanges.

Asked how they felt after being ghosted, 42% of respondents said they were discouraged, 38% said they were less confident, and 34% said they became wary of dating. The survey found being ghosted hurt the confidence of men more than women typically.

“[Having open and honest conversations] may be uncomfortable but this momentary discomfort is an act of kindness and respect and will allow the person to receive closure to move on”, said Lucille McCart, Bumble’s Communications Director.

“If you have ever been ghosted and it has made you feel disheartened, move forward with the knowledge that they aren’t the right match for you – there are plenty more people on Bumble who would love the chance to get to know you!” she continued.

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