The GDI Podcast: Anti-Superficial Dating With Ur My Type

Anti-superficial dating is a key trend for modern online dating – the idea of being able to create truly meaningful connection based on factors other than just looks. There are plenty of platforms utilising this idea of either blurred, partially covered, or limited photograph options, with more of their face being revealed the more you chat.

GDI is joined by Firas Abdullah, CEO of anti-superficial dating platform Ur My Type. Within this episode, we discuss the birth of the platform, why anti-superficial dating is the next big thing, how it fits into the dating landscape, and what Firas’ advice to a budding entrepreneur would be.

This episode sees Luke, our editor, and Firas come together to talk about modern dating in 2022, why it’s evolving to enable different ways to make connections and find love, and the rise of anti-superficial dating. They also talk about the need for creating deeper connections, how budding entrepreneurs can begin their own dating platform journey, and what’s next for Ur My Type. 

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