The GDI Podcast: Relationship App Coupleness Inspires Communication Between Partners!

Coupleness is a Swedish startup relationship platform that helps existing couples invest in their relationship and improve the way they communicate with each other.

Long-term relationships can often lose their way if the couple fail to maintain open and honest communication. Coupleness provides several simple activities and features to set aside just a few minutes of dedicated connection every day.

This includes a shared micro-journal to inspire conversations about the key aspects and emotions from the day. While Coupleness is completely app-based, it encourages its users to converse face-to-face and seeks to only serve as a supportive tool for strong real world relationships.

At the beginning of June, the team closed a funding round worth $1.1 million which will be put towards improving the overall product and accelerating growth in different international markets.

CEO and co-founder Jenny Holmström was inspired to create the app after seeing a number of relationships encounter problems that could have been easily solved by an improved level of communication.

She appeared on The GDI Podcast to talk more about Coupleness, how it can work alongside the online dating industry and why people have lost some of their confidence and communication skills in the 21st century.

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