The Next Episode Of Tinder’s DTR Podcast Is Now Available

DTR Tinder

The next instalment of Tinder’s DTR podcast sees host Jane Marie tackling the issue of explicit images – or the “love notes of the modern era” – questioning why men send them and whether or not people want to receive them.

Looking at research by Manfred DeMartino and Alfred Kinsey, Marie explains how on the whole, women are not interested in being sent photos of male genitalia.

In his 1953 research paper “Sexual Behaviour In The Human Female”, Alfred Kinsey found that 52% of women asked said they “never” felt aroused by looking at a penis – and the majority were actually surprised that there were some women who did.

This said, research by Manfred DeMartino titled “Sex And The Intelligent Women”, says that if women are asked to picture an erection, they actually respond positively – in fact 70% of the 327 women surveyed responded in this way.

So, Marie questions why women are happy to imagine, but not happy to be sent a photograph, concluding that unless they’re asked, men just should not send pictures of this kind.

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