Tinder Australia Releases Dating Dictionary

Tinder Australia has released a Dating Dictionary to decode the new phrases being used by young singles. The dictionary was released after it was found 62% of Gen Z feel that they speak a very different language than their parents when it comes to dating.

The generational divide in dating language could be restricting Gen Z singles’ ability to discuss their love life. 1 in 3 Gen Z Australians want to talk to their parents about dating more, with more than 20% saying they want to talk to their grandparents about it, but currently don’t.

Additionally, only 50% of millennials say that they find it easy to keep up with dating slang. In response Tinder states it has “launched its first Dating Dictionary in Australia to help decode the current ‘love language’ of young singles.”

Some notable entries into the dating dictionary include:

  • “Beige Flags: Beige flags are early warning signs of incompatibility and are often found in people who are quite basic and boring.
  • “Benching: Keep someone warm or on the ‘reserves bench’ without really meeting up. This often happens through constant but irregular communication, with no binding date set for a meet up.
  • “Dateview – A date that feels more like an interview because no natural conversation develops, but a person constantly “processes” their questions”
  • “Stashing – Describes a situation where a person spends long periods of time with a partner but never ends up meeting their friends or family”

As well as these more general phrases relating to dating, the dictionary also explains terms relating to the Tinder app itself. These include app-specific features and language like “Boost”, which is a premium tool that highlights a users’ profile among other singles in their area.

“We’ve seen a massive shift in how we connect and date – and along with that, the language we use to talk about dating and sex continues to evolve” explained Kirsty Dunn, spokesperson for Tinder Australia.

“Our Tinder Dating Dictionary aims to help make today’s dating conversations a little more universal, so that everyone is able to share their experiences with all of their family and friends”, she added.

You can find the Dating Dictionary at this link.

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