Tinder CEO Makes Decade-Long Tech Predictions

Elie Seidman was a guest panellist at The Economist’s Innovation Summit Europe in London last week, where he discussed his ideas about what the future of technology might look like.

When asked what is going to happen in the next 10 years, the Tinder CEO explained that he felt changes and developments are likely to be vast. He referenced Bill Gates, who said that people underestimate how much can be done in a decade.

According to New Statesman Tech, Seidman said: “That’s certainly been proven true in the world that we play in, and I think you should expect in the next 10 years will be a profound change.”

More specifically, he expects these alterations to come in the social media and dating space. The CEO believes more social networks that are hyper-focused on certain areas and groups are imminent.

This view is shared by Facebook Dating, which lets people see who else is single in the groups and events that they are a member of. However, Seidman suggests that the trend will run a lot further.

He also predicts that virtual reality will play a much bigger part in how people interact and share experiences, encompassing things only possible in the real world at present.

Seidman referred to the concert that EDM DJ Marshmello performed inside the online game Fortnite at the beginning of 2019. Reports suggest that more than one million people attended.

“We think of a sporting event or concert as a shared experience but primarily in the physical world, and the digital world is usually just about yourself with one other person or a piece of content but not as a group, but in 10 years we’ll see this change.”

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