Tinder Releases Year in Swipe 2023 Report

Tinder has released its annual Year in Swipe report for 2023, recognising the trends, phrases, and pop culture moments that defined dating this year. Two key trends were Not Attached To an Outcome (N.A.T.O) dating and going on dates “for the plot”.

In this year’s annual report, Tinder analysed user surveys and profile information to identify dating trends. Its six key trends for the year are:1.

  1. Not Attached To an Outcome (N.A.T.O) dating

Sometimes the journey is more enjoyable than the destination, and this sentiment resonated for singles on their own dating journey this year. This open-minded approach was revealed in Tinder’s analysis:

27% of 18-25-year-olds using Tinder’s Relationship Type feature say they are “open to exploring”. Furthemore, 22% using the Relationship Goals feature say they are still figuring out exactly what they want from their romantic life.

2. Main Character Energy and Doing it for the Plot

In the spirit of creating good stories, singles are increasingly embracing their ‘main character energy’, Tinder revealed. Phrases relating to dating “for the plot” have increased by 5.5x, with users wanting to make memories by approaching dating with an open-minded perspective.

3. Accepting Dating Delulu

Singles are being playful around the term “delulu” (delusional), highlighting their own day-dreaming and optimism about dating. They admitted that this can sometimes be a red flag, for themselves and others.

Mentions of the term “delulu” spiked in September 2023, growing by 58x. Tinder provided some examples of the phrases being used, for example:  “If you are delulu, I’m your solulu”, “Tall, dark and delulu”, and “Turn my delulu into trululu”.

4. Dating and Daily Schedules

In 2023, daters are determined to be more organised and intentional about their dating journey. Tinder shared that 51% of surveyed young singles said they were open to exploring how they can fit their dating to their daily schedule.

This new mindset also included a lower tolerance for wasting time, with over 50% of young singles using Tinder’s Love Styles feature to indicate that sharing time together is preferred to other love styles.

5. Recognising the Emoji of the Year

Tinder’s official Emoji of the Year is the “On!” symbol with the double-sided arrows. This emoji has been used by singles to let others know that they’re open to trying new things and approaching dating with an optimistic mindset.

6. Celebrating Feminine Energy

Daters this year were unafraid to show their support for female artists, with Taylor Swift getting top spot among Spotify artists on Tinder. Furthermore. Miley Cyrus’ song ‘Flowers’ was the 4th most popular Anthem featured on user profiles.

As we head into the festive season, Mariah Carey sees a 365% increase in features on Tinder user profiles during this period.

Pop Culture Moments

In the Year in Swipe 2023, Tinder has collated popular topics and pop culture moments which dominated singles’ attention this year. It found the most attractive interests among users was being a fan of anime; cheerleading; pilates; biryani; and being an LGBTQ+ ally.

The Love Style that daters resonated with most this year was ‘time together’, followed by physical touch and thoughtful gestures. When building their profile, the most popular information that daters included were their relationship goals, their zodiac sign, and their height.

In Singapore specifically, Tinder shared that users trying out the international passport feature were most likely to visit Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Seoul, Tokyo, and Ho Chi Minh City for their romantic adventures.

Find Tinder’s Year in Swipe site here. 

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