Tinder Rolls Out $499 Per Month Subscription

Tinder has launched its new $499 per month subscription plan, offering it to a small group of highly-active users. The ‘Tinder SELECT’ membership includes exclusive features including match before you message options, greater visibility, and a unique profile badge.

The exclusive – and expensive – plan was rolled out to less than 1% of Tinder’s userbase, Fortune reports. 

The Tinder SELECT plan provides the following features / benefits:

  • Direct Message: Up to 2 times a week, users can send someone a message without having to match first. 
  • Skip The Line: When a Tinder SELECT member sends a like to another user, that user will seeing the SELECT member’s profile unblurred in their Likes You grid, even if they don’t have a Gold or Platinum Tinder subscription. The exclusive member’s profile also remains prioritized on their Likes You grid for 7 days.
  • Special Status: Users with a membership will receive an exclusive SELECT badge. This is optional and can be removed in the settings page.
  • SELECT Mode: See and be seen by Tinder’s most sought after profiles, so users can enjoy more exceptional connections.
  • VIP Experience: Membership spots are limited to less than 1% of users to ensure they receive the most exclusive experience possible.
  • Early access: Be among the first to test special new features in advance.
  • SELECT members will also be able to hide advertisements.
  • This exclusive group will also be able to see all the likes they’ve sent in the past 7 days.

Tinder SELECT is set to accept membership enquiries, however it is not doing so currently. Users interested in this exclusive membership are required to have fully-formed and photo-verified profiles.

“We know that there is a subset of highly engaged and active users who prioritize more effective and efficient ways to find connections,” said Tinder Chief Product Officer Mark Van Ryswyk, “and so we engaged in extensive tests and feedback with this audience over the past several months to develop a completely new offering.”

At a recent conference, Match Group President Gary Swidler said that this new plan would only appeal to a “a relatively tiny amount of new payers”, but that it would make a significant impact on revenue.

You can find details about the Tinder SELECT membership here.

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