Tinder Shares Scorpio Season Insights

To mark the beginning of #ScorpioSzn, Tinder is sharing new insights about what it’s like to date someone with that particular star sign. Looking at user data, the dating app highlighted what trends and interests are most popular amongst this group.

They found people with this star sign match most with Pisces, Capricorns, and other Scorpios. Scorpio is the 4th most attractive star sign on Tinder when analysing the number of likes received. 

The dating app also shared that Scorpios are ranked 2nd when it comes to flexing about their star sign on their Tinder profile. Furthermore they are ranked 2nd most likely to describe themselves as “gym rats”.

Looking at data from user bios, Tinder shared that Scorpios are likely to be strong advocates for liberal politics, displaying an interest in social change. Tinder’s global astrology data revealed that among Scorpios, their favourite musical artist of 2023 was the cast of Disney musical Encanto. 

Scorpio season lasts from 23rd October to 21st November. As part of this initiative, Tinder is building a case for dating Scorpios, one of the more misunderstood star signs.

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