Tinder’s Head of Marketing & Communications Gives Branding Tips


One of Tinder’s first employees has explained five marketing ‘musts’ as people grow from a startup to a global empire.

Rosette Pambakian, Tinder’s Head of Marketing & Communications, has watched the company grow and evolve globally. She has written a guide full of tips on news website, Entrepreneur, that are guaranteed to make a business a success:

Pambakian’s first tip for companies is to build a strong brand. This is important as it lays the foundation for all of the subsequent marketing a company does.

She recalls: “At Tinder, we set out with the mission to create new connections that can turn into real-life relationships, and all of our marketing efforts tie back to this mission.”

Her second tip is to find your audience. This is important as to when you are starting out it can be difficult to get off of the ground if you don’t know who you are aiming your product to.

She said: “Think creatively about the ways you can engage with your customer base, whether it be at hyperlocal events, guerilla marketing or through an ambassador program. To this day, Tinder runs a college ambassador program, so we can engage with our users, create good sentiment and cultivate positive brand advocacy.”

Pambakian’s third tip is for companies to listen to your audience. This is important as listening to what the customer wants and needs will allow you continue to grow your global user base.

She compared to Tinder by saying: “In fact, nearly all of the features Tinder has launched since the beginning has been a direct result of listening to our users. We also conduct regular social listening to hear what people are saying about the app and what is important to them.”

The fourth tip given was to exceed expectations through innovation. This is also important as if done correctly as you will be able to meet the needs and demands of your users.

She also added: “Reach out to your network, like-minded entrepreneurs and interesting brands to see where it may make sense to do a joint campaign to expand your reach and raise your company’s profile.”

Her final tip was to not forget about your personal brand. This tip is important because it is a necessity to not forget about the impact your company first had on others and what you have contributed so far.

Pambakian’s final point was: “Whether you’re speaking at an industry event, are active on your social media channels or even speaking with a friend over dinner, remember that you represent your company’s brand and can play an important role in its storytelling.”

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Chloe Gay

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