Truepic Photo Verification Extends Applications Beyond Dating

A startup which verifies the authenticity of photos and videos, originally designed for use on dating apps, has found that its software may be useful in the insurance space.

Truepic allows third parties to embed its SDK camera into other apps. Any photos taken with the Truepic camera can be verified as authentic by the technology so long as they remain unedited.

Data on verification is stored within a virtual ‘vault’, which has integrated blockchain technology to create publicly retrievable references.

The startup could be applied to dating services to assure users that their matches looked like their photos, and could be combined with selfie verification and other technology to enhance security further.

User-submitted images are increasingly becoming important pieces of evidence in the insurance world, and the app may be useful in that space for the same reasons.

Tampered images may enable insurance fraud, as claimants can edit images to show nonexistent or excess damage to vehicles.

Speaking to, Truepic CEO Jeff McGregor said: “The fundamental insight that we had a couple of years back is that there is a trust gap that exists on the internet today.

“If you have the scale of a large insurance company, you just don’t have the ability to look at each individual photo from a forensic standpoint.

“From what we have seen, larger carriers tend to have more sophistication and understand with a lot more certainty what the fraud rates are among photo claims.”

As many as 80% of photos are now taken using mobile phone cameras, the article adds.

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