WeAreX – Helping People Explore Their Sexual Desires

WeAreX is a new social dating app that is helping its users explore their sexual desires in a shame-free environment. Open to individuals and couples, the platform is launching with a host of convenient and safety-first features.

Features to help users connect include icebreaker questions that spark conversations to life, and a ‘Meet Tonight’ option for those looking for immediate experiences. The platform also hosts a variety of chatrooms and user-created group where users can interact with like-minded people.

Going beyond simply bringing people together, WeAreX wants to become a platform for sexual discovery and education. The platform’s users will have access to sex-positive events, in-app workshops, masterclasses, and live Q&As with leaders in the kink and sex-positive industry.

“WeAreX exists to help open-minded people connect, explore, and express their sexual selves”, the platform shares.

“We strive to provide a safer, shame-free, and supportive social platform where adults can connect with one another, discover new communities, and embrace their true sexual selves”, it continues.

The platform has also shared details regarding the safety and privacy features available to users. These features include:

  • Advanced anti-screenshot technology
  • Vigilant monitoring from a customer safety team to swiftly handle reports, resulting in immediate bans for those who violate their guidelines
  • Gesture verification to ensure 100% verified profiles
  • Fingerprint and facial ID recognition, meaning only the user can only access their account, protecting it from anyone else using the phone
  • In app video chat and voice calling so users don’t have to provide their number directly
  • Users can set their privacy settings to hide location and distance
  • Users can choose their own privacy name, instead of using their own name

The platform also provides an incognito mode, where users will only have their profiles visible to those they’ve liked. This mode and other perks are only available to those with an X PLUS membership, which costs £24.99 per month.

“WeAreX passionately strives to construct a secure and nurturing community, empowering individuals to fearlessly delve into relationships, embrace their sexual desires, and explore their unique kinks, all while fostering an environment defined by respect and consent”, the platform shares.

“As a dedicated app for this community, our unwavering goal is to place respect and consent at the heart of every discussion on dating and online safety. Together, let’s revolutionise the conversation and establish a new standard of empowerment and respect”, it adds.

WeAreX is available today on both iPhone and Android.

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