What Americans Want From Their Dating Apps

A new study examines what Americans are looking for on dating apps, why they choose to use them, and recent relationship trends that are gaining attention.

Market research firm Appinio released a new report sharing that 55% of Americans polled use dating platforms to find a relationship, with 17% using them to find friends. Conversely, 10% are looking for friends with benefits, and 6% are looking for one night stands.

Interestingly, some respondents weren’t looking for relationships of any kind. 7% use dating apps to kill time, and 4% use them to boost their own self esteem.

Dating apps are appealing to 55% of Americans as they provide an easy way to get the user talking with another person. Over half of respondents also said that dating apps provide convenience, and 39% said these platforms provide plenty of choice.

Research also identified a number of trends that younger women are curious about in the current online dating market. 

These include Red Flags, Gender Identity, and Polyamory, highlighted expert Jorge Bueso, Senior Consumer Research & Insights Manager at Spark Networks.

To find the report’s full insights including other noteworthy trends in the dating sphere, you can access Appinio’s report here.