Whitney Wolfe Herd Talks AI & Online Dating

At a recent conference, Whitney Wolfe Herd, CEO of Bumble Inc, shared that AI can help improve the online dating experience. She highlighted that the technology could be a “supercharger” of relationships or even a personal matchmaker. 

TechCrunch shared insights from Wolfe Herd shared at the Code Conference. The Bumble Inc CEO shared that the dating brand has already been using AI and machine learning for matching algorithms and compatibility analysis. 

Looking to the future, she clarified that Bumble isn’t looking to create AI partners, but rather enhance the human-to-human connections the platform is already fostering.

“I would really think about AI as a supercharger to love and relationships,” she told conference attendees. Wolfe Herd shared “…we will really lead with the customers’ pain points and reducing friction, reducing things that stress a customer out”.

She also highlighted the potential for AI to act as a personal matchmaker or dating coach for dating app users. The idea would be for users to share their preferences and values with the virtual matchmaker, and then have it bring compatible users together.

“So now, instead of you having to swipe and match and chat with dozens of people to find someone who’s compatible for you, you can, in fact only talk to the three people that came back as qualified individuals for what you’re looking for. So you can really leverage AI to supercharge compatibility and that’s just on the matching side of things,” Wolfe Herd explained.

Even further, AI could also be adopted to anaylse users’ photos, picking out details that can help understand compatibility eg. similar restaurant tastes. Another option could be for AI to help book reservations for dates, Wolfe Herd shared.

Ultimately, these helpful features would provide a “very curated, very selected” experience for users, she pointed out. As these new offerings “will definitely be at a premium to where we are now”, they could subsequently help in terms of revenue generation.

You can read TechCrunch’s full analysis here. 

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