Young Singles Share Tips for Tackling Dating Fatigue

It’s increasingly common for people to feel burnt out in the search for a meaningful relationship. 11,000 singles between 18 and 35 shared their perspective and advice on dating fatigue and how to address it.

In a new survey by Indian dating app QuackQuack, 6 out of 10 respondents say singles will have to take proactive measures to keep dating fatigue in check.

3 out of 10 young singles shared that limiting screen time helps with managing this tiredness with the search for love. They advise that online dating users should set a time for searching for matches, and come back the next day if they can’t find one. Mindless swiping for hours will only add to the exhaustion, they shared.

27% of female respondents between 25 to 30 shared that taking a break from dating might be the best course of action after a series of bad dates. Constant bad outcomes or rejections can make anyone feel unmotivated, and dating is not worth jeopardising your mental health, they advised.

26% of male daters above 30 selected “identifying the reason behind the fatigue” as the best measure to treat it. They mentioned that whether it is rejections, aimless conversations, first-dates that don’t go anywhere, it is important for singles to understand the root cause of their fatigue.

While it may be difficult, 31% of women between 18 to 28 say it is important that singles don’t doubt themselves. Dating for a significant amount of time without any results can lead to self-doubt, another cause of fatigue, they highlighted.

QuackQuack’s Founder and CEO, Ravi Mittal, said, “Currently, we have 23+ million users, and we see some of them dealing with dating fatigue every now and then. From our end, we advise our users to learn from negative dating experiences instead of letting them define the entire dating process. Our surveys show that younger daters measure themselves by what they have achieved romantically, which leads to exhaustion when things don’t go the ideal way. Users, young and mature, should understand that it’s okay to take breaks.”

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