Top 3 Tips For Generating PR To Build Your Brand

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This is a guest article by Jack Knowles, founder of dating app Temptr.

Temptr is in the business of social discovery. Recently launched, it is already fast becoming a well-known brand in a fast-growing marketplace.

It’s a privately-owned UK company that provides quite simply a free, fun, fast, cool place to meet new people around you. It’s everything you’ve always wanted from a social discovery app.

To maximise downloads and continued use, it is important to have a rolling promotional programme that can embrace all the traditional ways of reaching the target audience – which is primarily 17 to 35-year-olds.

Creating awareness through established channels like social network advertising is fine, however, the best people to tell your story are your customers. You leverage their network and credibility by getting them to give their voices to promotion.

This is where guerrilla marketing through the use of celebrities comes in to play. Temptr has now involved a number of well-known personalities from television who are currently using the app (via their own verified accounts). They like the fact they can write statuses and send photos via IM.

Temptr is currently in talks with a number of top celebrities in the US, as well as the Far East.

So far, this has all generated a great deal of press and online exposure – as well as usage of course! The plan is to continue the roll out into the marketplace through a combination of PR, mailings, celebrity endorsement, networking and promotions.

The millennial generation is the now largest demographic group in the US. Appealing to this target in the UK is clearly going to need a great deal of creativity, particularly through PR channels.

My Simple Top 3 Tips

1. Be creative

There are a wide number of PR techniques which can deliver your message, don’t just rest on one! Temptr has a number of daily press releases.

2. PR goals

Decide your PR goals from the outset! What are the priorities for what you want to achieve and define the key messages you want to get across. 

3. Evaluate

Always evaluate ALL press articles. Your system should track all the outcomes from every single article, from local press to national, to worldwide.

By Jack Knowles

Jack Knowles is the founder of dating app Temptr.