Why Mainstream Online Dating Is Not Suited To Elite Gay Dating

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This is a guest blog by Jacqueline Burns from Vida Consultancy.

With much of the online matchmaking world relying on the use of advanced algorithms to bring people together, it might seem almost quaint to rely on an actual person to do the work for you. For professional, attractive, gay, lesbian or bisexual clients looking for someone, it’s important to bear in mind the unique, complicating factors that come into play.

According to the Office for National Statistics, approximately 1.6% of people living in the UK describe themselves as gay, lesbian or bisexual. London has a LGB population of 2.6%, which is about 225,524 people, give or take.

The good news for clients looking for elite gay matchmaking is that many of these self-reporting gays are doctors, lawyers or other professionals. The less good news is that if you are a gay man or lesbian, only half of that 1.1% population is a potential match for you. (The other 0.5% are bisexual, which opens things up a lot more.)

For example, a London-based, professional, gay man in his thirties seeking a long-term relationship with someone who shares his educational, financial, and social background has already eliminated a great deal of the population. When you factor into this search vital points of agreement – children, lifestyle, financial decision-making, as well as compatibility and attraction, as well as the fact that your client is looking for a serious relationship, long-term partnership or marriage – you realize you are now looking for someone extremely specific.

The other important thing to remember about gay and lesbian singles is that most mainstream dating apps are not designed with them in mind. One of the biggest complaints from gay and bisexual women looking for women on dating sites is how often they are harassed by straight men who either haven’t read their profiles, or don’t care. Often there is no way to prevent this contact. Obviously, there are gay dating apps and websites, but for the most part they are not focused on long-term partnerships specifically. Moreover, each app tends to be separated from the other by the average age of the user, region, Android vs. Apple phones, and most turn into hook-up apps, or places where you discover most of the people you have been matched with you either know and don’t have any interest in, or have already dated.

When you have elite gay matchmaking, this is not a problem. You are shown the very best people for you, and certainly not someone of a gender you aren’t interested in. For marginalized, under-served, and under-represented communities, this personal attention is a breath of fresh air.

Matching Londoners is another unique challenge. London professionals are not known for their copious amount of free time. Busy working men and women looking for elite matchmaking turn to boutique services because there aren’t enough hours in the day to spend swiping left and right. When it comes to looking for love, sometimes you need a helping hand. A gay millionaire matchmaker doesn’t just come with a list of potential names and vital statistics. A boutique matchmaking service functions as a complete concierge service. The vetting process is done for you. The details have been checked. Compatibility has been assessed. Someone professional has selected the best matches using human intuition and fundamentals of psychology as well as matching data points.

Even when dates have been set up, the service doesn’t end there: there is date coaching, events, and post-date feedback. Clients who are nervous or shy can rely on their matchmaker to be with them every step of the way, without demanding any more of their valuable time than is totally necessary.

Many people have found love using popular, algorithm-based services. For wealthy gay clients looking for something specific though, it often helps to go with the more personal service. It saves time, energy, and circumvents most of the pitfalls that come along with the search for love.

By Jacqueline Burns

Jacqueline Burns heads up the gay and lesbian division of Vida Consultancy. Vida is an exclusive dating and introduction agency for men and women who want to meet someone exceptional. With matchmakers and consultants located throughout Europe, the USA, Middle East and Asia, their aim is to successfully find you a life partner, wherever in the world he or she may be.