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‘Find My’ Apple Service Gets a Boost on New iPhone 15

‘Find My’ services are getting a new boost in the iPhone 15 and latest apple product. As usual, each update brings a suite of changes, some more useful than others. Perhaps of the biggest interest in the world of social discovery, is the boost new technology will make to the Find My’ services on the app.

The new iPhone boasts improved voice prioritisation, a number of satellite call options for safety, and perhaps biggest news of all, is its line up of devices is changing to usb-c adapters. However, it is the implementation of a second generation ultra-widebend chip that could make the biggest difference to developers of social discovery apps. 

The chip is what allows the Find My services to work, by allowing iPhones to identify other devices with the same chip. The range on this has been increased by 3 times with the implementation of the new chip. More relevant than increased range however, is the precision of the new chip. It can be much more accurate now in pinpointing precise locations. Whereas before the app might have helped you find that your friend was in the the same crowded square as you – now ‘Find My’ services will lead you directly to them within the crowd. 

We have reported in the past how what was originally a safety feature, has become a social game and network for a new generation of people. Knowing where there friends are is a comfort and handy in terms of knowing whether it’s worth contacting them to talk, or if dropping in and saying hello would be easy. 

Location is a huge part of a lot of social discovery apps, naturally, as they try to connect people with one another. It will be interesting to see how this improved technology will be utilised to further improve and enhance, or spark new social discovery ideas and concepts.

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