Interview With The Exclusive Turkish Matchmakers Popular In Canary Wharf


Name: Sibel Sengul
Position and Company: CEO of Mymacchiato, Dating Service for Single Professionals.
Twitter: @mymacc

Tell us a little about your company.

You have a great degree, you got your dream job that everybody seems to be envious about, and your entourage finds you quite attractive… so how come you are still single?! If you cannot find a good enough reason why you are still single, we won’t let you stay curious because the answer is pretty obvious: you simply haven’t met the one yet!

Founded in 2009, Mymacchiato is the most exclusive matchmaking agency for white-collar professionals and business owners, delivering an unrivalled personalised service.

How did you get into the dating industry? What is your background in?

I have a degree in economics РKo̤ University and worked for 3 years in the finance industry, working in a typical white-collar job. Working on clock from 9 to 6 I realised the lifestyle need for this group of people, a huge gap in socialising and dating arena. Right after that realization, I decided to quit my job and launched Mymacchiato with my business partner. Our company is the first and leading matchmaking company in Turkey.

What makes your company different from others in the market?

More than just another dating agency, we actually get to know you and find suitable dates based on your qualifications, criteria and on-going feedback.

Our trained team interviews every member to discover the combination of elements they are looking for in a partner; values, background, attractiveness, success, intelligence, lifestyle and personality. We pride ourselves on paying such great attention to detail that, together with our experience and success, the matchmaking experience is one that our members enjoy and we find incredibly rewarding.Our mission is to make lucky coincidences happen! We simply make sure that your other half is aware of your existence and you get together before it’s too late.

When you become a member, you will have your own consultant responsible for your needs and wishes. You can think of your relationship consultant as a dear friend of yours, who knows great deal about your love life and luckily happens to know almost every single person in town who wants to have a committed relationship.

Which countries are you live in?

Whlie Mymacchiato is based in Ä°stanbul, Turkey, we have an international network of members from London, Dubai, New York, Los Angeles and South Korea.

What is the dating market in Turkey like?

The dating market is approximately 20m dollar industry including online applications. Our estimation is that it will double in 3 years to 40m dollars. There are 3.5m e-dating Internet users. Global players like E-darling, Friendfinder,, Tinder, OkCupid are also active in Turkey.

How successful has the company been in Turkey?

Quality perception is built by brand image and customer satisfaction in total market. Mymacchiato is the leader in brand image. Our service is premium quality/bespoken and desired. Thanks to face-to-face interviews and feedbacks from our customers after blind-dates, our success is inevitable.

Why did you decide to cater to professionals?

We needed to specialise our target customers in order to give best service at the very beginning of our company launch.  So we decided to cater to professionals. Since we were a part of this professional life a few months ago, we felt the demand and went for it.

Why did you decide to launch in London?

We started to get membership applications from Turkish professionals and their Londoner friends living in London frequently. Then we decided to launch in London. Our members hear about us from word-of-mouth marketing in London, we believe Londoners loved us, and we are so far getting only positive feedback. I believe we started to be quite popular in Canary Wharf and Knightsbridge.

Do you only accept certain people onto the site?

All our members are active participants of business life and have at least a bachelor’s degree. Your existing circle only covers the schools you have graduated from, companies you have worked for and family acquaintances. Mymacchiato will introduce you to wide range of people with whom your paths never crossed before because of the prior choices of schools and work places you have made.

What are your prices?

Our package fees vary from £3,600 to £5,200 according to age, for 1-year service.

What have you got planned for the next year?

We already have promotions and package deals with reputable restaurants in London. Reservations through us are always the best table available and we also shorten the waiting time and able to arrange a table in a hot spot within a very short notice, Ramsay’s Heddon Street Kitchen for example se. Our plan next year is to enlarge our restaurant database and make more get-together events for our customers.

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