FROM THE WEB: CEO of ‘Tinder For Jobs’ App Emjoyment on Fox Business


Fox Business have interviewed Reilly Davis, the CEO of “Tinder for jobs” app Emjoyment.

The former Google employee talks about how his company aim to streamline recruitment “in the same way that Tinder has really simplified the dating experience”.

The app pulls information from a jobseeker’s LinkedIn profile and candidates swipe through positions as if they were Tinder profiles.

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Emjoyment was officially launched at TechCrunch’s Disrupt conference this week, and Davis revealed they have 5,000 jobseekers, and 80 employers currently using the service.

Such press coverage is important for the app, as getting big-name employers to sign up will be key to driving users to the app.

They will also be looking to establish themselves as the foremost “Tinder for jobs” app, as this week we saw the release of Jobr, which uses the same LinkedIn-based job matching functionality as Emjoyment.

eHarmony are also getting into the recruitment game, with CEO Neil Clark Warren also appearing on Fox Business to announce that their job service will launch this year.

Watch Davis below: