FROM THE WEB: ‘Genetic Testing Poised to Shape Life Decisions’ – UT San Diego

San Diegosan

UT San Diego have an article about how genetic testing can be used for important life decisions such as who you marry and whether you have children.

The paper reports that the emerging availability of technology, used by companies like 23andMe and Ancestry, at cheaper prices has made it much easier for mass consumers to get a revealing look at both their, and potential partners’, DNA.

Val Catanzarite, chief of maternal fetal medicine at the San Diego Perinatal centre said: “Some people say this isn’t how love works.

“But when you use an online service, you’re already screening for characteristics.

“People are going to begin asking about genes, and that’s not far away.”

Another company who is using a similar approach is Instant Chemistry Inc, who in September announced the launch of cheek swab tests to help matchmakers match their users.

And with celebrities like Angelina Jolie encouraging women to use genetic testing for disease-prevention, UT San Diego argues as social stigma falls, its prevalence will rise.

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