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FROM THE WEB: ‘How an online dating site keeps unwanted ‘Tor’ suitors at bay’ – InternetRetailer

Screen-Shot-2013-11-18-at-12.38.09 have put up an article about dating sites and the web browser anonymity software, Tor.

Tor is a program that allows people to keep their identity safe whilst using the internet.

Despite originally being developed for the U.S. Navy, this program is now a browser that is freely available for anyone to download.

It is also used by criminals who wish to hide their identity, so it is unsurprisingly used by those perpetrating fraud on online dating sites.

The article references an anonymous international dating site which has integrated a Tor-detection service to their fraud prevention service.

After a week, this site found that 1% of their traffic came through Tor software, and 90% of that activity was fraudulent.

Read the full article here.

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