Does Technology Have A Negative Affect On Our Relationships?


Among the public, just 13% of people think technology has had an negative impact on relationships, compared to 62% of counsellors.

This stat is quoted in a recent WIRED article by Chris Sherwood, the CEO of Relate, a UK relationship support charity, who spoke at The Greatest Adventure: Love in the Time of Tinder last weekend.

The article sees Sherwood grapple with the issue, speaking on the idea that online dating brings about the “commodification of people”, and whether the advent of technology has changed the definition of cheating.

But as Sherwood says: “There’s a danger in this debate that we end up blaming the technology but that isn’t necessarily the problem: it’s how we use it.

“We can’t stop the digital revolution but we can learn to better integrate technology into our lives, in ways that enable us to form and sustain loving and supportive relationships as well as to better navigate the dangers out there.”

Check the article out here.