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FROM THE WEB: Benedict Evans Asks Whether We Are Seeing An ‘Evolution Beyond Mobile First’

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In a recent blog post, Benedict Evans from VC firm Andreessen Horowitz asks whether we are seeing “an evolution beyond mobile first”.

Today, we often see products being built by default for mobile devices – something that has pushed desktop out of the limelight – as mobile offers more possibilities than PCs for publishers & developers.

Evans looks at whether we can completely move on from desktop and featurephones and presume that a company can be built “without thinking about the low end anymore”.

He looks at today’s up and coming tech and the building blocks that could see desktop being squeezed out, evaluating how the PC fits into today’s tech market.

As the â€ŽAndreessen Horowitz partner says: “The original iPhone UI, and many major social apps today, could be navigated fine with a mouse and keyboard or even with a keyboard alone, pressing tab to go from button to button.

“If your eye is on all of those 2.5bn smartphones in use today and the 5bn that there’ll be in a few years, that might be the right strategy.

“But it seems to me that building out from ‘mobile native’ rather than up from ‘mobile first’ might be a good strategy too.”

Read the full post here.

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