FROM THE WEB: Robyn Exton Speaks About The Her App’s Journey And Plans For Monestisation


A recent article by looks at Her founder & CEO Robyn Exton’s journey, the idea behind the app and how she hopes to monestise.

The article explains that the idea behind Her (originally Daatch) stemmed from Exton’s realisation that LGBTQ dating apps for women were largely just re-makes of their male equivalent.

Acknowledging that something needed to change, Exton took a coding course and with a small amount of funding managed to launch Her – a dating app dedicated to helping LGBTQ women connect online – within a year.

The article explains that Exton began to build the app’s user base by offering alcohol to the women who downloaded it and she even attached flyers to personal hygiene products at festivals – the move seemed to work and Her now has 2.5m subscribers. also touches on how the app differs from other dating apps, its funding to date and how Her plans to monestise with premium features.

The article reads: “Like many IT entrepreneurs, Ms Exton’s company is seeking to monetise the app.

“There are premium features — such as remotely changing your location — to encourage customers to part with their cash. It’s “going well,” but she admits it’s a challenge.”

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