Police Warn Online Singles After ‘Trend In Robberies’ In Sacramento Area


The Sacramento Police Department has released a warning to social media users, following a “trend in robberies” in the area.

According to a recent release from the Sacramento Police Department, there has been an alarming number of armed robberies in the area recently.

Over the past few weeks, 10 people have reported similar incidents – in each case, the victim said they had agreed to meet up with a woman they met online, but when they turned up to the agreed date location, they were met by “several suspects” and their belongings were stolen.

A number of these robbers were armed and a few of the victims said they had been assaulted, the report said.

Sacramento Police Department said: “Social networking is a platform of online sites that focus on building relationships among people who may share the same interest or activities.

“It provides a way for users to interact over the Internet.  Users are often identified by their profiles, which can consist of photos and basic information.

“While it is a great tool in keeping in touch with family and friends there are inherent dangers associated with using these platforms.”

The department is now warning all social media users (including those using dating platforms) to be weary when meeting up with people they meet online.

Sacramento Police advise people to meet up in public and make sure they let someone else know where they are going.

Police also warn that, “if it appears too good to be true, it probably is”.

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