FROM THE WEB: Ten Myths About Machine Learning


Machine learning technology is already being used in the online dating space by market leaders and the newest startups.

On its tech blog last October, Tinder spoke about how it was using machine learning to A/B test users’ profile pictures to analyse which performed best, then reordering the images accordingly to help its users.

Newer companies like Say Allo and Bubby are also working this technology into their services to try and serve up better matches by learning about users’ preferences and behaviours, then feeding this information back into their algorithms.

In a new blog post, Pedro Domingos, a professor of computer science at the University of Washington and author of The Master Algorithm, speaks about how having previously worked behind the scenes, machine learning is now “on the front pages of newspapers, and the subject of heated debate”.

Calling the technology a “major force shaping our future”, Domingos lays out some of the biggest misconceptions about machine learning, something he says is key to understanding it.

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