Google Will Soon Let You Advertise On The Play Store Home & App Listing Pages

Google Play

Google has announced plans to let developers advertise on the home and app listing pages in the Google Play Store.

The placements, which are exclusively available through UAC, are designed to let developers reach users in “discovery mode” as they browse through the store looking for apps.

The new ad types are an extension of Google’s Universal App Campaigns, which let developers generate app installs across Google Play, Search, YouTube, Gmail and the Display Network.

Google Play adverts

In addition to the new ad placements, Google is expanding its Smart Bidding strategy to enable developers to acquire more “high-value” users.

The new update will let developers tailor bids for specific business goals, whether target cost per acquisition or target return on ad spend, based on your set objectives – installs, events and value.

Google said these changes will be rolled out on iOS and Android in the coming months.

The final change comes with a new program called App Attribution Partners, which is designed to integrate data from seven third party measurement tools – Adways, AppsFlyer, Apsalar, CyberZ, Kochava and TUNE – directly into AdWords.

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