The Verge Looks At Why Online Dating Is Late To Harness Video


Despite the growing use of video in social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, capabilities for video sharing are somewhat limited within the online dating industry.

A recent article by The Verge looks at why this is, charting both the benefits and difficulties of bringing video to online dating.

The article says that using video for dating apps can offer extra safety measures for users and eliminates concerns about fake profiles or catfishing, as users can have face-to-face conversations through the app.

However, adding these features can be a huge risk for companies, as users might not use the service for the intended reasons, and they can cost a lot of money to implement.

Brendan Alper, founder of dating app Hater, said: “I think the lines between dating apps and social apps will start to blur, and I think video will play a big role in this happening.

“Obviously social apps have embraced video, and I think it’s inevitable that dating apps will, too. The only question is when, not if.”

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