Google Now Lets You Make Payments With Any Card Added To Google


The Google I/O 2017 conference began yesterday, and as expected Google announced a host of updates and releases.

One of the smaller changes announced was that the company is revamping its Google Payment API to give users access to more payment options.

The update will allow people to pay for things within third-party apps, mobile sites and Google Assistant using the debit and credit cards they have already saved to their Google account.

This will mean that people can use any card they have saved through Android Pay, Chrome or the Play Store, for example.

Google said this change will increase conversions, sales and checkout times by ultimately offering a quicker and easier payment process for users.

Google said: “For users, this means faster checkout. Now they’ll never miss a deal because they’re stuck on a bus and don’t want to pull out their credit card in front of strangers.

“They’ll no longer experience the pain of stumbling on a sale that ends at midnight when they’re tucked in bed with their credit card out of reach.

“Users can save time and headache by using credit and debit cards they’ve already saved to their Google Account whenever they see the option to pay with Google on supported apps or sites.”

With the changes, Google also announced updates to its mobile advertising platform AdMob, including a re-design and new ways to get insight into in-app behaviour.

Development platform Firebase has now been integrated with Google Analytics, and if developers link Firebase with AdMob they will be able to access things like ad revenue data, user insights and in-app purchases all in one place, Google explains.

Other announcements include plans to let developers advertise on the home and app listing pages in the Google Play Store, and an expansion of Google’s Smart Bidding strategy, to enable developers to acquire more “high-value” users.

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