How Happn Is Using Its Ad Potential To Help Brands & NGOs


Over the past few years, the global surge in dating app use has prompted many brands to use them as platforms for their advertising strategy.

One app that regularly uses its international position to help brands and other organisations execute effective campaigns is French hyperlocal app Happn.

In a new article, Marketing Magazine looks at the various forms of advertising taking place on the app, which has situated itself as a platform where brands can advertise, whilst also being a platform for international NGOs to voice awareness campaigns.

Sandra Halliday speaks to the app’s Head of Trends, Marie Cosnard, who gives insight into Happn’s current focus on integrating advertising into its revenue stream, looking at past brand campaigns – including its recent collaboration with Fiat – on the app to show this development.

Additionally, the app is increasingly using its reach to help NGOs spread awareness of campaign messages, teaming up with organisations like Equality Now and Plan UK to create localised campaigns that its users can interact with.

During the interview, Cosnard explains how the app recognises its ability to use its power to raise awareness and drive conversation on important, global issues, opposed to just exploiting its user base to generate revenue.

Next month, Cosnard will be speaking at the GDI Conference in Amsterdam, alongside the CEO of Zoosk, The Inner Circle & Bristlr.

Check out the full article here.