How Technology Has Changed The Lives Of People In Isolated Towns


Over the past few years, technology has changed people’s lives around the world in a myriad of different ways, whether it be revolutionising someone’s business or helping them find a husband or wife.

One technology writer who currently lives in Manhattan recently explored exactly how much technology can change society after a recent visit to his remote hometown of Napoleon, Indiana.

In the fascinating article – some good bank holiday weekend reading – writer Rex Sorgatz describes how his snowy birth place of Napoleon has progressively embraced internet technology, and compares the lives of Napoleon’s now-connected younger generation to his own years growing up in the remote town as a teenager.

During his visit, he finds an extreme contrast in the way people in the town network and connect with people outside of its once secluded community, and how the emergence of apps and social media networks have catalysed a change across the whole town.

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