FROM THE WEB: ‘Why everyone is miserable on Tinder’

A Recent Study
A few studies have been released recently that claim to reveal the frustration behind dating apps like Tinder, by looking at how people behave on dating platforms.

Researchers at Queen Mary University of London, Sapienza University of Rome, and the Royal Ottawa Health Care Group recently found that only 7% of men start conversations on Tinder.

Using 14 fake profiles, which automatically liked people within a 100 mile radius, the research found that men were liked 0.6% of the time and women 10%.

Their findings imply that women take more care when liking potential partners, only swiping right on the people they really want to talk to, whereas men go for a broader approach and like a lot of women with little intention of actually speaking to them.

Similar findings were shown in a study by Zhang and Yasseri, who also concluded that because men and women use online dating sites very differently, it makes the experience frustrating for both.

A new article on the Washington Post looks into these various studies and what they mean for online daters – check it out here.