Tinder & Grindr Usage Spikes At Republican and Democratic National Conventions

Tinder And Grindr
Tinder and Grindr both reported a big spike in activity at the Democratic and Republican national conventions.

This week, the Democratic National Convention brought together thousands of people in Philadelphia to officially nominate Hillary Clinton as its presidential candidate.

And over the course of the convention, gay dating app Grindr said it saw usage rates spike by 148%, with 57% of those logging in newcomers to South Philadelphia.

In the messages sent, there were 29 mentions of the Democratic National Convention and three mentions of Hillary, the Mail Online revealed.

Tinder also said it recorded a growth in usage, seeing a 54% increase in swiping in Philadelphia.

Speaking about the spike, an analyst for Grindr said: “Looking at comparable bubbles around the country – Times Square, Disney Land, Trump Tower in Las Vegas – we don’t see an increase that even approaches these levels.”

Both apps also registered a rise in usage during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

Although Grindr’s rates for the RNC saw a smaller spike, increasing by 66%, Tinder saw a much larger bump, usage rates rising 82%.

A Tinder spokesperson told the Mail Online: “Both political parties promise to bring people together – but Tinder is actually delivering.

“Whether you’re on the right or left, people are swiping both directions on Tinder at the conventions.”

Both sets of figures were based on usage in the vicinity of the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia and the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland where the conventions were held.