Jewish Dating App Bubby Is Using Machine Learning Algorithms To Help Singles Find Love


A new Jewish dating app called Bubby is hoping to help singles find love, not hook-ups, with its machine learning algorithm.

The app was the subject of a recent feature by the San Francisco Chronicle, which met the company at a singles event hosted by Bubby co-founder Sarah Persitz.

Persitz explains the app’s focus: “Bubby is not about being Jewish. It’s about connecting under that umbrella of Jewish values.”

Co-founded by Persitz, Stephanie Volftsun and Jordan Klein, the inspiration for the app is said to have come from Jewish grandmothers (or “bubbes”) and their matchmaking tradition.

However, Bubby has replaced this method of matchmaking with machine learning algorithms, which it hopes will set it apart from other products in the dating market and help users find love, rather than hook-ups.

Bubby adviser Michelle Tandler said: “They use really sophisticated technology. It’s unique and innovative in the space.

“As far as I know, no other app is using machine learning algorithms to replace the role of a matchmaker.

“The other apps are built to be really sticky and addictive, not to help you find someone.”

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