The Meet Group CEO in Podcast Appearance

The CEO and co-founder of The Meet Group, Geoff Cook, recently participated in a podcast with The Entrepreneur Way.

Cook talked to the hosts about various things, including points of interest in his life.

He spoke about the difficulties that came as he started his first social network. He said: “The difficulty in creating a social app or an early social network in early 2005 was pretty great.

“I thought what would be an interesting way to grow would be to launch myYearbook in one high school, and that high school was Montgomery high school. It was the high school that my sister and my brother were a student at, and so I thought okay great, I’m going to launch it in this one high school and we’re going to grow it out of that high school and it’s going to work well.

“And, sure enough, we launched it into that high school and we get a few hundred people to join it, friends and acquaintances of my brother and sister and people used it but it didn’t show any signs of real virility.”

Cook also stated that his favourite quote was: “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm” and his recommended online sources was audio books, podcasts and intercom.

When asked about his advice to other entrepreneurs, Cook explained: “Get started, a lot of times you see people who just didn’t start and the lesson I’ve seen and maybe the only thing I’d do differently is actually start something and I think that in the 2 businesses I’ve really done, one got started as a student and ended up selling for a good exit and did exactly the same thing the entire time and then the second one which was the first and second thing that I thought the business was it turned out not to be and then it turned out to be the 3rd thing and doing that for some time.”

Listen to the full podcast here.