Uber Growth Expert Looks At The State of Growth Hacking

Andrew Chen

For a new interview, Mixpanel blog sat down with Uber’s growth expert, Andrew Chen to discuss the popular process of growth hacking, and how it has changed over the past decade.

Chen begins by giving an in-depth insight into the history of the term “growth hacking”, explaining how the philosophy behind the term was created, whilst recalling a time when he sat down with the man who coined the term back in 2000.

During the interview, Chen offers his knowledge to explain how companies can carry out effective growth hacks, noting that do it successfully, you have to understand why it works and when it does.

He also reveals that businesses must start by perfecting their product and how people are reacting to it before attempting to growth hack through their user base.

The interview concludes with a look at Chen’s current role at international transport company, Uber, where he believes has the best growth team in the industry.

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