FROM THE WEB: Badoo’s Technical Project Lead Talks Analytics Platform


V3 recently spoke to the Technical Project Lead at Badoo, who explained about the company’s analytics platform Hotpanel.

The internal tool is used to analyse events such as swipes, profile views and banner clicks, and can help to assess the value of events to the business.

According to V3, Badoo receives around 6bn events each day, of which there are 380 different types and 100 enumerations.

Hotpanel is also used to test out new features, as it lets the product team get a more rounded idea of performance and likelihood for success.

Badoo Technical Project Lead Dr Jelena Isachenkova said: “It can be used by almost anyone. Everyone can know what is a new screen, a new element or a click. The context is provided by a screenshot and a screen-name.

“It can be seen as a semantic layer which brings forward the vision of the business while hiding the layers of technical implementation detail.”

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