FROM THE WEB: Happn’s Global Head Of Trends Defines Dating’s Latest Terms


Posted by the Independent, Happn’s global head of trends, Claire Certain, has created a list of the latest terms to hit the dating scene.

With the growth of online dating, new words have been coined to describe the behaviours of singles and the various stages of a relationship.

Recently, the term “breadcrumbing” was thought up – a word used to describe the people who lead others on by randomly contacting them after long periods of time, only to disappear again, before repeating the cycle months down the line.

And to clear up some of the confusion surrounding the new terms, Certain has created a list of the new words and phrases and their definitions.

On her list are words such as “ghosting” (when someone you’re dating suddenly ends all contact), “tuning” (when someone is romantically interested but vague about their feelings) and “talking” (the new way of saying you’re casually dating someone).

And Certain also draws light on the romantic context of terms like “slow fade”, “thirst trap” and “the lemming”.

To see Certain’s full list of terms and their definitions please click here.