FROM THE WEB: ‘Inside The Sad World of Racist Online Dating’ VICE

A recent article by VICE sheds light on some of the niche dating sites for people that society often deems racist – such as white nationalists and members of the alt-right.

The article talks to the founder of WASP Love (who goes by the name of Stonewall), who explains that although his site only has 300 members, the market for this kind of niche dating product is surprisingly large.

Stonewall said: “If you look at the Alexa ratings for the Daily Stormer (a neo-Nazi site), which doesn’t get more hardcore than that, they’re number 5,000 for the United States, that’s huge.

“There is definitely a market for this view, the alt-right is booming right now and I think it’s just going to increase.”

However, Stonewall goes on to say that although the market is there, it can be difficult to draw in women – a challenge that he is currently trying to tackle.

VICE also looks at Stormfront – which VICE says has had a “surge in popularity” following Trump’s election win – and the dating site for white people, Where White People Meet.

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