ExoClick Releases Publishers Ultimate Guide to Native

ExoClick has released a comprehensive guide for Publishers looking to maximize their revenues from their Native ad zones.

The Publishers Ultimate Guide to Native is a downloadable PDF and features:

  • Details of what Native advertising is
  • ExoClick’s 3 Native ad formats Recommendation Widget, Interstitial and Exit and how they work
  • The customization options available within ExoClick’s Admin panel and a tutorial showing 3 different ways Native ad zones can be set up to ensure that the ad zones seamlessly blend into a website’s content. 
  • How to use Native advertising to prevent Banner blindness including using Native as a fallback for Banner ad zones.
  • Tips on how to create the perfect Native ad zone including image ratio and the importance of allowing advertisers to be able to add a title and/or description to a Native ad zone which then boosts their CTR.
  • A case study showing how 3 publishers increased their CPMs from optimizing their Native ad zones to give a better user experience and how this increased their revenues and CTR rates across several GEOs

Evan Zirdelis, ExoClick’s Sales and Ad Operations Director commented, “The key to Native ad zone monetisation is to ensure ad zones appear exactly like the content of a publisher’s website. This Guide shows concrete evidence of how experimentation and the customization options available on ExoClick’s platform increase publisher CPMs for Native ad zones. Additionally, as you will see in our case studies, this optimization can also increase CTRs for the zones which creates a higher demand from advertisers.”  

ExoClick has declared this month is Native November where they are running a 15% cash back offer for brand new Native inventory in a revolutionary new concept that places Native ad zones within a selection of TrafficMansion’s Members Area dating profile pages, allowing Cam product owners and advertisers to reach a premium quality and highly engaged dating traffic source. Earlier this month ExoClick also launched The Advertisers Ultimate Guide to Native.

Download links for both Native Guides:



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