HubStars Festive Period Campaign Prep

A guide to running your campaigns during a Covid Christmas…

It’s hard to believe that the festive period is nearly upon us after what’s been a testing and difficult year for all across the World.  Christmas will be a little different this year, with most of us staying indoors and having less face to face engagement with friends and family. We will continue to provide our online communities with the safe space they need to feel digitally connected with like minded others throughout the festive period. 

We predict a flurry of high user engagement as people turn to dating apps and social networks to seek connections and for escapism of the current global situation. Coupled with the naturally higher levels of dating interest and engagement that comes at this time of year, now more than ever is the time to ensure your marketing campaigns are primed and ready.

Looking back at last year’s festive period we saw huge uplifts in conversion from free to paid memberships across all geos and niches, the highlights being USA +48%, UK & IRE +41% and AUS +22% uplift in paid conversion. We also saw a major boost in registrations across the board with a 25% rise in signups.

Ho, Ho, Ho… Keywords!

Add relevant keywords into your best performing campaigns! Create a new ad group or campaign, that will specifically focus on the festive period. Build on keywords that are already giving you ROI, such as Gaming. Why not try a keyword with ‘Christmas Gaming’ or ‘Gamer Dating at Christmas’. Add good volume search keywords, such as ‘Christmas Love’ and ‘Love at Christmas’, perhaps for your more mainstream campaigns. Using a mixture of short and medium tail keywords will help you refine your campaign and increase your quality score. 

Tis’ The Season For Powerful Ads! 

Create new ads that include your new festive targeted keywords that you have used in the campaign and the lander. Don’t forget to include your best performing keywords, this will ensure you are continuing to reach your target audience. A good rule for advert writing, create 3 ads. One with the brand, one as a positive statement and one as a question.

Make Your Landing Page Sparkle! 

Create a landing page that screams Christmas! Although it will be a very different Christmas for most, the majority of people will still want to be surrounded with tinsel, holly and all things festive to bring some cheer and seasonal normality to what’s been a bleak and strange year.  Include images and colour schemes that reflect the festive period. Add in your relevant keywords, we recommend including the majority in the first article and into your meta keywords. 

In order to increase traffic levels to your dating brand, ramp up your keyword bids and up your budget on your top performing campaigns. Use Auction Insights within your best campaigns to see what extra ad space you could be gobbling up! Speak to your account manager today and make sure your best present this year is increased return on investment with HubStars.

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