Maxpay is Expanding New Business Verticals at iFX 2019

We’re excited to explore the fintech industry in sunny Limassol for iFX Expo International 2019 during May 21-23.

In just seven years, iFX Expo International went from trailblazing to dominating the field and solidified the title of the largest financial business-to-business expo in the world. Priding themselves in unique networking environment, iFX hosted over 14 expos with more than 30, 000 attendees both in Limassol and Hong Kong ( featuring iFX Expo Asia).

This year speaker streams and workshop rooms are focused on the future of fintech industry from crypto exchanges to corporate banking. With the estimation of over $671 billions in non-cash payment transactions this year, merchants looking closely at what fintech industry, especially payment gateways, have to offer.

In reality, PSP space is jammed with solutions and platforms, which makes it hard for forex brokers to find a reliable payments processing system. There are a few key-points clients should investigate before signing with their next payment gateway:

1. Find a PSP specializing in your vertical.

Low-risk and high-risk merchants operate in different business environments, therefore, require a custom solution for accepting credit card payments online. Most big name processors like PayPal or Adyen don’t always have high-risk merchants’ best interest in mind. As Forex considered a high-risk business, it’s better to look for PSP that will investigate your business model thoughtfully first.

2. Take things slowly.

Merchants and PSPs that onboard together stay together. This means that before issuing a MID (a merchant account) for a client, PSP puts in up to a hundred hours of work. And that’s called commitment. After investing so much time and effort in merchants, it’s PSP’s best interest to keep things pristine and running.

3. Legal support or no support at all.

In our opinion, it’s vital to provide anti-fraud monitoring and charge-back control for merchants and use a wide range of compliance tools. Good payment gateway will take over ASV vulnerability scan or renew SAQ too.

“Operating in modern fintech keeps us on our toes constantly. If you’re not ready for challenges that industry throws at you, consider yourself out of business,” – says Maxpay Commercial Director, Vasyl Mayor. “With fintech growing on a global scale outside of its core markets, Maxpay focuses on keeping it up with the trends as well as creating their own in payments processing and subscription billing software tools.”

Maxpay team will be ready to guide merchants through PSP picking process during iFX Expo, so make sure your spot for one-on-one consultation is available. Please drop a line to 

Visit the Maxpay website here.

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