Interview: SecurionPay CEO Talks Company Growth and London Conference

SecurionPay is one of the leading web and mobile payment platforms, that is designed to maximise revenue and process payments with the highest level of security. It has found recent success in the online dating community due to its anti-fraud controls that help ensure only real people are signing up to services.

A long-time partner of Global Dating Insights, SecurionPay is a sponsor of the GDI London Dating Conference 2018. As part of the run-up to the conference, GDI checked in with SecurionPay CEO Lucas Jankowiak to find out how the company has developed within the online dating industry, and why he’s looking forward to the upcoming GDI London Dating Conference.

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For those who aren’t familiar with SecurionPay, what services do you provide to dating apps?

LJ: “I’m glad you asked since we have a range of solutions dedicated to the dating industry that enhance security, user experience and are conversion-friendly at the same time. We deliver a payment platform for both single payments (with one-click checkout), recurring ones and technology that doesn’t lag behind, with powerful APIs that enable merchants to combine various billing models and set different payment scenarios.

Our payment forms are designed with customer convenience in mind, to create the best payment experience while dating online. Furthermore, our partnerships with major European banks allow us to diversify risk and prevent technical failures. Besides the adjustable security tools, SecurionPay provides dynamic fraud patterns that effectively reduce suspicious activity and complex fraud attempts, and result in fewer false positives.

Moreover, merchants love non-invasive 3D Secure authentication, our flagship product that makes a huge difference when it comes to minimizing the chargeback ratio. As 3D secure is considered a conversion killer, we’ve developed authentication that reduces chargebacks without interfering with the conversion rate. A real win-win.

All of the given features position SecurionPay as a perfect match for the dating industry.”

You’ve seen good growth since entering the dating niche. What are the factors you attribute that to?

LJ: “We’ve spoken to dating business owners to learn their struggles and the elements that stop users from completing a payment on their websites. It came out that the most important factors are connected with user experience and security, as the dating industry is susceptible to fraud. Their feedback has helped us build a fraud-proof solution and filters that adjust to specific business models and traffic origin, which is much more effective than static patterns.

Our goal from the very start was to give dating companies ultimate flexibility that gives them full control over their transactions. As a result, we’ve developed a smooth payment process without any interruptions, with multi-layered risk protection and quick payments so their clients can seek a perfect match without having to worry about any unexpected issues on the way.

Listening to our partners and implementing their suggestions in regards to payments have lead SecurionPay to become one of the biggest, if not the biggest, payment providers in the dating vertical.”

Securion also does work in the gaming sector. Do you see similarities between business and consumer demands in the gaming and dating sectors?

LJ: “We can see that immersion in experience is what the gaming and dating industries have in common, as what is happening on screen is really important for their customers. So, no matter whether it’s a gaming or a dating website or app, the overall experience needs to be seamless and as intuitive as possible, and clear of clutter. With that being said, businesses need to speed up the process and here’s where one-click payments, cross-selling and flexible recurring payments might help. The whole payment part needs to be as easy as touching a button.

Moreover, both gaming and dating sectors have to tackle the problem of chargebacks and, overall, the security is what concerns their clients. It’s not surprising, as it’s about their personal data they don’t want to have compromised. While for online dating users the privacy of intimate conversations is important, gamers don’t want to reveal their virtual assets and accomplishments that are a testament to their dedication and skills. The same goes for payments — security is at the forefront. That’s why we provide the highest security standards with PCI level 1 and data tokenization, while staying fully GDPR-compliant.

We can even go further — searching for dates and playing online simultaneously is now possible more than ever. It can help businesses generate greater returns by offering bonus packages and promotions. Online dating and gaming are not a one-time experience, it’s rather a continuous process, so merchants need to improve customer lifetime value. We all know that driving a revenue stream is what counts the most, so both industries need solutions that boost their performance and conversion. And that’s why we are here.

There’s also another similarity between gaming and dating — dating is like a roulette, but I think it’s a topic for a different conversation…”

How do you see demands evolving over time?

LJ: “Over the last decade, technology has massively changed and so has users behaviour. Online consumers want to have everything here and now. They also pay huge attention to the security and easiness of a certain service. We can see smart devices have emerged as the most popular tools for dating and gaming which also forced changes in the way they pay. Every second counts, literally.

We know that the on-demand economy is a bubble that is going to burst, so we’re following technology changes to always stay on track and to answer users’ expectations. New solutions that spring up like mushrooms also take payments to the next level. The thing is to combine speed, UX, and security and turn all of these into one, smooth process. Speed, convenience and highly-effective security are now top priorities.”

What are you most looking forward to at this year’s GDI London Conference?

LJ: “As a frequent participant of the conference, we’re excited about the networking part of the event. This is always an amazing opportunity to establish long-term relationships with our always-welcomed-partners. We look forward to insightful presentations and interesting business discussions that lead us to create an outstanding experience for dating website users and gaming alike.

We’re in constant contact with our Partners from the dating industry, so we know how SecurionPay platform is helping them grow year after year. Also, we always encourage them to share their feedback with us, so we know how we can improve our payment platform to make the dating companies attract more customers. Based on our common experience, we have already been working on something special for our partners, so it seems that 2019 will be a truly amazing year. Stay tuned!”

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